Meet Cliff & Yvonne Hooks

Cliff is an executive chef, Yvonne does the IT stuff

Both are Board Members.

Meet Carolyn Kennedy.
She is the Pastor of UCC, Barneveld. 
Board Member.

Meet Wanda Owens. She is semi retired and has been on many boards in Barneveld. Board Advisor.

Meet Dawn Owens. She is an organizer for Ride For Clyde, and she is also a Board Member. 

Meet Shona Allen She works for Little John's a non profit agency, and she is also a Board Advisor. 

Meet Roxanne Yapp. Although she works many jobs, she still finds help to volunteer at the cafe. she is also a Board Member. 

Meet Cheryl Morvedt. Cheryl is a realtor and she is also a Board Member. 

Meet William Dieck, he volunteers for his church
and the Community in many ways. He is a Board Advisor.

Meet Emi Janisch Doerr. Emi is an attorney and she is also a Board Member.